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About Us

Our company is one of the youngest existing manufacturers in Ukraine. The company was founded in 2012, equipped with all the necessary equipment for the production of quality products of a fairly wide range.

At present, our company produces frozen convenience foods, dumplings, dumplings, minced meat, meatballs, various types of pies with fillings, fast foods, sausages. The assortment list of semi-finished products has more than 100 items.

Quality is one of the fundamental characteristics of the product, which has a decisive influence on the creation of consumer preferences and the formation of competitiveness.

Requirements for the quality of all manufactured products are set out in technical regulatory legal acts (TNLA). In its activities for the production of products, the company is guided by the state standards of Ukraine, interstate standards, technical specifications, technical codes of established practice and other documents.

TNPA on products include:

  • •equirements for product quality, ensuring its safety for human life and health;
  • basic consumer properties of products;
  • requirements for labeling, packaging, storage, transportation;
  • mandatory methods of product quality control.

The main properties of food products that are able to meet human needs in nutrition, safe for his health, reliable in storage, are:

  • the nutritional value;
  • physical and taste properties;
  • persistence.

In accordance with the requirements of legislative acts of Ukraine, food products manufactured by an enterprise are subject to confirmation of conformity in the following forms: declaration of conformity, veterinary-sanitary examination.

The control over the quality of incoming raw materials, materials and manufactured products at the enterprise is carried out by veterinary service veterinary control, the control of compliance with the parameters of technological processes is carried out by specialists of the chief process engineer.


Manufacturing high quality products that are competitive and safe to ensure a stable financial and economic situation of the company, the welfare of employees and the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Policy in the field of quality and safety of products

The activity of the enterprise is aimed at maintaining the image of the enterprise, as a guarantor of the quality and safety of products, a stable economic situation, increasing customer satisfaction and the welfare of each employee.

The main ways to achieve this goal are:

  • ensuring the functioning and continuous improvement of the quality management system, food safety management system;
  • careful selection, placement and professional development of personnel;
  • ensuring objectivity and reliability of the control of raw materials, auxiliary materials and finished products based on the systematic identification, assessment and management of hazards in the production and storage of products;
  • improvement of technological processes through a phased modernization and renewal of production, using modern achievements of science and technology, taking into account the rational consumption of raw materials, materials and energy resources;
  • expanding the range of products to meet the needs of the consumer and in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and technical regulatory legal acts.